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NXGX Guards

With the world, as well as the information society, witnessing more crimes than ever, it's no wonder the issue of security is of the utmost concern to everyone. The security industry is, therefore, absolutely necessary to keep us safe, and various types of video security equipment are being adapted rapidly to keep pace with today's dynamic digital era.

Traditionally, the security industry has focused on ensuring security in public facilities such as airports and buildings. However, the industry is now expanding into the home security market to meet the needs of the individual. These needs are as fundamental as people wanting their wards to be safe, happy and away from any kind of untoward incidents.

NXGx Guards, one of the leading companies in the security industry, has implemented cutting-edge technology applicable to both home and industry security. From a single camera to a complete state-of-the-art system for the home or business, we can advise and provide you with the best technical solution for your budget. Our staff are specialists in digital security including alarm systems and CCTV camera surveillance in different industries such as banking, logistics, as well as your small and medium businesses like pubs, restaurants, crèand casinos to mention a few. We also stock DIY products such as IP cameras and complete (DVR) digital video recording systems.